X-Phi Aesthetics, Present and Future

Experimental philosophy is to philosophy as behavioral economics is to economics: it uses tools such as randomized experiments and inferential statistics to challenge and improve philosophical theorizing. Experimental philosophical aesthetics is the attempt to bring this approach to the philosophical area of aesthetics.

If you are a loyal reader of our project blog, you probably already have a good sense of what experimental philosophical aesthetics is. But if you’re not, there is now an overview paper–by Florian Cova, Amanda Garcia, and myself–in Philosophy Compass that introduces this field of study.

Since this field of study is so new, we’ve chosen a somewhat unusual approach for this overview: in addition to describing the works that have been done, we are also previewing some works in progress and envisioning what the field could become. Take a look for yourself!

Related Research Output:

Florian Cova, Amanda Garcia, Shen-yi Liao (2015). Experimental Philosophy of Aesthetics. British Journal of Aesthetics 54(3): 339–355. DOI:10.1111/phc3.12271