Minorities and Philosophy

As the name makes clear, our project is committed to increasing the methodological diversity of philosophical aesthetics. However, we hope it is also clear from the workshops we have organized, our project is just as committed to increasing the demographic and cognitive diversity of philosophical aesthetics.

Building on this commitment, we recently worked (with Centre for Metaphysics and Mind as a co-sponsor) on a kick-off event for a potential Minorities and Philosophy chapter at the University of Leeds.

Today, we are very fortunate to have Professor Shirley Tate, the director of Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies, to give a talk entitled “Critical Race Theory and Universities” (adapted from her “Racial Affective Economies, Disalienation and ‘Race Made Ordinary’“).* In addition to the theoretical talk, the event also included a practical panel and discussion session, in which faculty and postgraduate students talked about ways of making philosophy and the university a more welcoming place for demographically and cognitively diverse perspectives at all levels.

We look forward to playing a role in the continuing dialogues on minorities and philosophy at Leeds, and we hope to help generate further dialogues in philosophical aesthetics at large as well!

(* We must also thank Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman for introducing us to Professor Tate!)